İldeş Kimya desires both being a known and reliable brand in domestic and global Sector of Chemicals and reaching at its strategical targets. We believe in that human is our most valuable resource; so we create professional personal progressing opportunities to people who just start their working career and also who already have working experience as well.

People who are willing to be appointed in organization of İldeş Kimya must have noticeable experience, exceptional skill and competence together with the ability to manage and to adapt the change. Also ability to establish valuable relations with others and to work in cooperation as a team member are must.

Progress and Training

İldeş Kimya is an organization who focuses on continuous progressing. For that reason, in daily life of İldeş Kimya personal progress and training programs are given special attention. Regardless of your position, you are given opportunity to attend training programs at every level.

Balance of Work life/Private life

We give special attention to our employee's daily life styles both inside and outside. You can feel yourself in work place as in your private life.

Job Opportunities

You can ask for open positions and apply to us through web sites of and or fill in the form below to apply directly.

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