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İldeş Kimya develops, manufactures and markets rosin derivatives, synthetic resins and related products that deliver exceptional value and enhance human life. Today, continuous growth and progress made İldeş Kimya, which was founded in the year of 1974, a reliable and reputable company.


50 Years of Experience|Leading in Safety and Environmental Performance|High Quality Production|Export to 4 Different Continents|Production in different resin types|High Production Volume|High Storage Capacity

As a leading Turkish producer of Rosin Derivatives and Polyurethane Resins we manufacture high-performance materials with uniform and consistent quality under both local and universal standards by using latest technology of advanced processing techniques.

We are committed to providing the superior product development, exceptional technical service, sustainable solutions and reliable quality supply that give our customers the innovation edge.

Pioneering in Integrity

İldeş Kimya

Innovative Engineering

Customer Satisfation

High Quality Products


We shall;

  • Ensure continuous improvement in all our manufacturing and marketing activities by committing to our Quality Management System,
  • comply with all legal requirements, sectors' norms,Turkish and International Standards and standards related to Quality Management System,
  • give effort on training, motivation and team work in order to reflect quality image of İldeş on our all activities,
  • concentrate on working together with all our employee, business-partners and service providers under mutual co-operation and confidence to improve customer's satisfaction, product quality and productivity,
  • aim at management with strategical goals by considering necessities and expectations of related products,
  • ensure sustainability of our management system under improvement by observing risks and opportunities.

İldeş Kimya's Mission Statement

Creating productivity under a continuous way of working, through without making any concession on established quality levels of product and service given to the customer.

İldeş Kimya's Vision Statement

To be a company having ability to assist her own country in the development efforts by producing any product which is considered to be out of manufacturing plans of others until her time, and through customer oriented service to gain power to compete with global players.

Professional Solution Partner

While İldeş Kimya continues its continuous development and growth, it has adopted as a basic principle to be a company that maintains reliability and respectability by introducing environmentally and human-friendly products and processes that respect the sustainable life cycle.

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